4 minutes of cats eating dried bonito flakes…


Gonna post some cute cat photos while I work the bugs out of a couple of wordpress things… This is ‘Star’ in her bucket.starbucket

Sari is so photogenic

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Sari is so photogenicSari is so photogenic

Look what was in my sock drawer this morning…


Star the Mountain Lion

I have all the cats balls gathered up and hanging in a bag on my doorknob to my office. Star (the cat) just noticed and I think she wants them back. Wow – the noise she makes when climbing up that chair.


Nic in the sun

This part of being a cat I really envy. Finding the sunny sunniest patch of rug to lay down on and sleep all day…


Sadie plays fetch

Selfie by Star

Nice shot really, but I am disturbed that she knows how to use my iPhone well enough to take a selfie. Though that might explain all those long distance calls in the middle of the night.




shreddedSadie in the shredder – dont worry, its unplugged…


I should kept my old iMac

Old iMac UseI always loved the first generation design of the image – not so much because it was an all-in-one machine but the colors and the flow were such a departure for computer design. I am not one to wear a red shirt but I liked having a red computer in the office.

Anyways i know my cats would have loved it and i would have been tempted to keep my iMac on my desk again after all these years instead of in the back of the closet waiting to be tossed out.

Or maybe not – the cat seems comfy though…