WordPress plugins

A running list of plugins you NEED to be able to manage your wordpress site... Disable XML rpc Disable Comments Hide wp-login No Captcha Recaptcha Sucuri Admin Columns … [Read more...]

Lomo Photos of the Past

Does anyone else remember the "Lomo" camera? (link) I never got into it but a buddy of mine did (Take a bow Justin Anderson) and he took these wonderful photos of my office in The Colonial Warehouse. Check them out... … [Read more...]

A gift from Hong Kong…

I am going to do a couple of test posts and what better to post than some of my favorite gifts I have received from my friend Tony Ho in Hong Kong. I keep trying to find something here to send back but have not found anything as remotely interesting as what he sends me – I mean … [Read more...]

“Big Trouble” on “Firefly”

Who watches sci-fi? Lots of you I hope - so I thought I would mention something I noticed while watching Firefly again that I thought I should pass on. In the Firefly episode "Heart of gold" S1E12, I noticed that a character performing on a stage appears to be wearing the same … [Read more...]

Wooly tracks

I always forget the name of the tree that sheds these things and I have to tell the truth its kinda fun rolling a wheelchair through! Makes quite a mess! You end up wearing half of them. I am pretty sure that i am the only person (not delivering water or office supplies) that … [Read more...]