Whack bat

There are three grabbers, three taggers, five twig-runners, one center tagger, and the player at whack-bat. 13 total players. The center tagger lights a pinecone on fire and throws it to the player at whack-bat. The player hits the pinecone and runs to knock a cedar stick off the … [Read more...]

Who says that tacos and watermelon dont go together?

Come to think of it, I can't remember anyone having said that, but it seems like something someone who hasnt had tacos and watermelon would have said... AND yes it is a large taco and not a burrito. … [Read more...]

Multitasking wtf?

Well this is a movie, but its not a film - REGARDLESS - I thought i would use it as an opportunity to quick post to the site and not fiddle around till I forget to post... … [Read more...]

Kylie’s food

Does anyone know what, in this scene from the Fatastic Mr. Fox, what kylie is eating for dinner? I know it is an animated possum in a movie - but i was curious... Fish fingers? Chicken Strips? Hes got a dollop of mashed potatoes on his plate - what finger food goes with that? … [Read more...]

Monday sammich

I hate when i do this - i make a smmich and then decide i want soup. I mean not only is it on a croissant but its roast chicken and roast beef with swiss, lettuce and salsa and an awesome dijon mustard... I dont think i can resist the melon tho... And for some reason i would … [Read more...]