Nic in the sun

This part of being a cat I really envy. Finding the sunny sunniest patch of rug to lay down on and sleep all day… … [Read more...]

Sadie plays fetch

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Selfie by Star

Nice shot really, but I am disturbed that she knows how to use my iPhone well enough to take a selfie. Though that might explain all those long distance calls in the middle of the night.   … [Read more...]

PDF optimization sucks

I know adobe invented it and owns it but why do their products do such a crappy job of compressing PDF's. Come to think about it why does photoshop do such a crappy job of compressing jpgs? With recent design favoring rich, large images, either as backgrounds or page content, you … [Read more...]

Lomo Photos of the Past

Does anyone else remember the "Lomo" camera? (link) I never got into it but a buddy of mine did (Take a bow Justin Anderson) and he took these wonderful photos of my office in The Colonial Warehouse. Check them out... … [Read more...]