Stay with me

I cant find the whole scene so this will have to do for now. If you haven't seen "The Boat That Rocked" or  "Pirate Radio" as its called here in the US, you should. And if you can get the UK version you will like it better - its at least 15 minutes longer and the scenes that were … [Read more...]

Good chinese leftovers

I know that no one really wants to hear about my lunch. Moo Goo Gai Pan and House Mai Fun from Dragon Jade - but it was really good - when it was fresh last night it was good too and no I didn't eat the whole of two entrees by myself, I shared them. Anyways - i am posting this … [Read more...]

Maurice Sendak’s 85th Birthday

  Admired for his award-winning illustrations and beloved for his imaginative storytelling, Maurice Sendak is an American children's book legend.  Whether they are monsters stomping through a forest, a boy cruising in a bread plane, or a parade of pigs celebrating a … [Read more...]

Linguine con Gamberetti (Shrimp)

Seafood & Pasta. A perfect marriage of flavors. I am always searching and experimenting with pasta dishes. I adore seafood & LOVE pasta, so for me it’s a natural combination. This dish has a unexpected little kick to it from the red pepper flakes. It’s a medley of … [Read more...]

Banh Mi Beef Sandwich from the Jasmine Deli

This is the beef deli sandwich from the Jasmine Deli in Minneapolis. Grilled beef, green peppers, carrots, and just a few jalapenos served on day old french bread. This lovely little sandwich is a combination of traditional Vietnamese cooking and the influence of French … [Read more...]