Sometimes it snows in April

19 inches in 24 hours? In April? I thought Prince was being Poetic…

4 minutes of cats eating dried bonito flakes…


Gonna post some cute cat photos while I work the bugs out of a couple of wordpress things… This is ‘Star’ in her bucket.starbucket

Sari is so photogenic

[bctt tweet=”Sari is so photogenic!”]

Sari is so photogenicSari is so photogenic

Look what was in my sock drawer this morning…


Star the Mountain Lion

I have all the cats balls gathered up and hanging in a bag on my doorknob to my office. Star (the cat) just noticed and I think she wants them back. Wow – the noise she makes when climbing up that chair.


Nic in the sun

This part of being a cat I really envy. Finding the sunny sunniest patch of rug to lay down on and sleep all day…


Sadie plays fetch

Selfie by Star

Nice shot really, but I am disturbed that she knows how to use my iPhone well enough to take a selfie. Though that might explain all those long distance calls in the middle of the night.




shreddedSadie in the shredder – dont worry, its unplugged…