Sadie in the shredder - dont worry, its unplugged...   … [Read more...]

I should kept my old iMac

I always loved the first generation design of the image - not so much because it was an all-in-one machine but the colors and the flow were such a departure for computer design. I am not one to wear a red shirt but I liked having a red computer in the office. Anyways i know my … [Read more...]

A little holiday cheer…

Wow! The camera on the new iPad Air is awesome... See the proof. … [Read more...]

Sleepy Sadie

This is both a post of my cute new kitty and a test of the "Post by email" system for my friend Jenny. There are several different post by email systems available for wordpress but this one is the simplest – it is giving me a bit of trouble on one of my client sites but other … [Read more...]