Kylie’s food

Does anyone know what, in this scene from the Fatastic Mr. Fox, what kylie is eating for dinner? I know it is an animated possum in a movie - but i was curious... Fish fingers? Chicken Strips? Hes got a dollop of mashed potatoes on his plate - what finger food goes with that? … [Read more...]

Monday sammich

I hate when i do this - i make a smmich and then decide i want soup. I mean not only is it on a croissant but its roast chicken and roast beef with swiss, lettuce and salsa and an awesome dijon mustard... I dont think i can resist the melon tho... And for some reason i would … [Read more...]

The Bananarama

This is awesome. I have not yet made it but I love the art... BE SURE TO CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE THE WHOLE RECIPE! … [Read more...]


Food this time from Santorini in Eden Prairie, mn. I am a loyal, loyal Christos customer but a friend got a gift certificate so i HAD to eat greek food from a different greek restaurant. Unlucky me, huh? Although they did have burgers, prime rib and potato salad on the menu. … [Read more...]

Chicken Hash from Christos

CHICKEN HASH from CHRISTOS - Juicy strips of boneless, skinless chicken breast tossed with fresh-cut veggies, deglazed with white wine and sautéed with feta. … [Read more...]