I gotta give props to the d00d on YouTube channel "UhOhBro"! That is some funny shit. I mean i watch videos on you tube from many different sources - from instructional videos to promotional videos to personal videos but none of it is very compelling really. But d00d at UhOhBro … [Read more...]

Stay with me

I cant find the whole scene so this will have to do for now. If you haven't seen "The Boat That Rocked" or ¬†"Pirate Radio" as its called here in the US, you should. And if you can get the UK version you will like it better - its at least 15 minutes longer and the scenes that were … [Read more...]

Maurice Sendak’s 85th Birthday

  Admired for his award-winning illustrations and beloved for his imaginative storytelling, Maurice Sendak is an American children's book legend. ¬†Whether they are monsters stomping through a forest, a boy cruising in a bread plane, or a parade of pigs celebrating a … [Read more...]