“Big Trouble” on “Firefly”

Who watches sci-fi? Lots of you I hope - so I thought I would mention something I noticed while watching Firefly again that I thought I should pass on. In the Firefly episode "Heart of gold" S1E12, I noticed that a character performing on a stage appears to be wearing the same … [Read more...]

Dr Who’s Stats

http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20131119-doctor-who-travels-through-time … [Read more...]


I gotta give props to the d00d on YouTube channel "UhOhBro"! That is some funny shit. I mean i watch videos on you tube from many different sources - from instructional videos to promotional videos to personal videos but none of it is very compelling really. But d00d at UhOhBro … [Read more...]

Ice Station Zebra Watch

A favorite of mine since i was a kid and more than likely because its a submarine movie - Ice Station Zebra was , I think, The first time I noticed a chronograph watch in a movie.   Now this little rant is not meant to do anything real useful except hopefully inspire … [Read more...]

Stay with me

I cant find the whole scene so this will have to do for now. If you haven't seen "The Boat That Rocked" or  "Pirate Radio" as its called here in the US, you should. And if you can get the UK version you will like it better - its at least 15 minutes longer and the scenes that were … [Read more...]