Annoying google redirect caching

Google Chrome caches 301 redirects for a long time. When typing in a URL that you’ve previously visited that had a 301 redirect on it, it takes you to the redirected location without checking the server again. This could be argued as expected behavior, because it is a permanent redirection after all, but this post shows how you can remove a specific URL from the 301 cache in Chrome.

I just got this link from Justerson as to how to defeat that cache… Thanks to Justin and the folks at for this – it was driving me batshit…

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Maurice Sendak’s 85th Birthday



Admired for his award-winning illustrations and beloved for his imaginative storytelling, Maurice Sendak is an American children’s book legend.  Whether they are monsters stomping through a forest, a boy cruising in a bread plane, or a parade of pigs celebrating a birthday, the unique characters of Sendak’s books have sparked the imaginations of children for decades.  His talents and ambitions, however, are not limited to children’s books.  He also created television shows and designed sets for operas and ballets. Read more at Google’s doodle page…