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Filezilla window off screen on Mac

big-filezilla-iconSo I go to use Filezilla today and the top half of the window – with the menu bar – is not visible. It has been pushed up past the top Mac menu bar on my screen and I cannot access or see any of the menu’s for it or any shortcuts. This appears to have happened because I was using Filezilla on a larger external monitor before I switched to my Macbook without the external monitor and I stretched the application window to a height taller than the Macbook’s screen.

Anywho – I need filezilla resized and able to be used so I searched hither and yon to find that if you press keys SHIFT OPTION COMMAND while clicking the Filezilla icon in the doc or application folder it will reset the window size to defaults. Nice. Just thought I would share that for others and document it for myself for when i do it again and you know I will…

PDF optimization sucks

I know adobe invented it and owns it but why do their products do such a crappy job of compressing PDF’s. Come to think about it why does photoshop do such a crappy job of compressing jpgs? With recent design favoring rich, large images, either as backgrounds or page content, you would think the latest version of Photoshop would compress an image in such a way that is condusive to those uses. Well it dont. In fact Ii have taken to copying images over to Fireworks to compress them to jpgs. Fireworks will save 40 to 70 percent on average – AND – adobe is discontinuing Fireworks! Figures…

pdfzipper This site optimized my file for me for free! It worked great! No watermark and no BS – just a link to download my optimized file.

Square POS


This is so cool – I had to post it – I gotta try it out and see if it works.

Contact Google For Google Apps Support

Who knew!?!? This is actually the first i heard of google having a phone number! You can call Google for help! For all those out there who have not been able to figure out how to contact Google for support with apps, here you go. Though their sites are not good at telling us how to get help – once you get them on the phone they are actually quite helpful.


TinEye.com is cool…

tineyeWhen I first heard “TinEye.com” mentioned in a chat about searching images,my reply to my technologically capable client who was telling me about it was “what the heck are you talking about?” He looked quite surprised that he would know and regularly use something like this and I did not. I had not even heard of it which is what surprised me. Just a few days earlier I had thought while working on some images for a project that “Gee I really could use a reverse images search”, something that would help me find higher resolution versions of what I was working with. I pretty much rely on google for that so I didn’t go looking for anything more. Well TinEye.com provides it and for free from what I can tell – they have a searchable database that includes the libraries of all online stock photography providers…

My client tried to explain it like this “You know how someone is said to have a tin ear? Well this is like that but ‘tin eye’…” Yeah. It doesnt make sense to me either but the service is cool… http://www.TinEye.com