Filezilla window off screen on Mac

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big-filezilla-iconSo I go to use Filezilla today and the top half of the window – with the menu bar – is not visible. It has been pushed up past the top Mac menu bar on my screen and I cannot access or see any of the menu’s for it or any shortcuts. This appears to have happened because I was using Filezilla on a larger external monitor before I switched to my Macbook without the external monitor and I stretched the application window to a height taller than the Macbook’s screen.

Anywho – I need filezilla resized and able to be used so I searched hither and yon to find that if you press keys SHIFT OPTION COMMAND while clicking the Filezilla icon in the doc or application folder it will reset the window size to defaults. Nice. Just thought I would share that for others and document it for myself for when i do it again and you know I will…