Salvation in a bowl – Pho Thai from Bona

Salvation in a bowl – Pho Thai from Bona – If you live in Minneapolis and have not been to Bona Vietnamese on the University of Minnesota East Bank, Stadium Village, you really need to go. I first has Pho at bona with a friend (who was also an ex-girlfriend-not that that’s important) back in about 1991. For some reason it really didnt make an impression on me, probably because i was too busy staring at Heather (One of the hazzards of dining with Such a beautiful woman). Years later i went back with computer geek friend Adam and From that time i have been addicted and trying pho all over town to try and find one as good closer to my house. I have not. BONA is simply the best. Adam described it as “Eating health” but I think of it more as “Salvation in a bowl”. You always feel like all is well in the world when you are done.