Adjust file upload size in contact form 7

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Briefly – I spent way too much time over way too many days trying to allow a larger file to be submitted via contact form 7…

Everything I could find for cpanel, php.ini, dunctions.php. .htaccess, blah, blah, blah… I tried, But I realized it is JUST the contact form 7.

To see if it is true for you too, go to Media > add new and if the limit on the bottom of that screen is about as high as you want it – add the largest tile allowed. In my case I added a 5 megapop file and uploaded fine. Its got to be the CF7 setup as the WP and cPanel allow an admin upload…

On closer inspection I see that my contact form 7 wants me to input the file size as bytes – so if I want to allow 8 megapops (bytes, not kilo or mega or abbreviations) I have to put in a number reflecting bytes – as in type out 8 million as a number –  [file* your-resume limit:8000000]

Adjust file size in contact form 7