“Big Trouble” on “Firefly”

Who watches sci-fi? Lots of you I hope - so I thought I would mention something I noticed while watching Firefly again that I thought I should pass on. In the Firefly episode "Heart of gold" S1E12, I noticed thatĀ a character performing on a stage appears to be wearing the same … [Read more...]

Wooly tracks

I always forget the name of the tree that sheds these things and I have to tell the truth its kinda funĀ rolling a wheelchair through! Makes quite a mess! You end up wearing half of them. I am pretty sure that i am the only person (not delivering water or office supplies) that … [Read more...]

A little holiday cheer…

Wow! The camera on the new iPad Air is awesome... See the proof. … [Read more...]

Dr Who’s Stats

http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20131119-doctor-who-travels-through-time … [Read more...]

Jenny Got Married.

Wow. I am really happy for her and her husband Eric. (I didnt get a photo of them together yet - they were too busy dancing and shaking hands) - the funny thing is that i have known her for 15 years - since about 1998 - and this is the very first time that i have ever seen her in … [Read more...]