“Big Trouble” on “Firefly”

Big Trouble on FireflyWho watches sci-fi? Lots of you I hope – so I thought I would mention something I noticed while watching Firefly again that I thought I should pass on. In the Firefly episode “Heart of gold” S1E12, I noticed that a character performing on a stage appears to be wearing the same clothes as David Lo Pan in “Big Trouble in Little China”. It appears to be the exact outfit and hat but with the addition of a renaissance collar of some sort.

Besides needing something to post  for testing purposes I was thinking of starting a string about the use of props between movies. Cross-Propping. Ok. So I need to work on the name for the string…

Wooly tracks

woolyI always forget the name of the tree that sheds these things and I have to tell the truth its kinda fun rolling a wheelchair through! Makes quite a mess! You end up wearing half of them. I am pretty sure that i am the only person (not delivering water or office supplies) that uses this ramp so I didn’t feel like I should mention they should sweep it like the rest of the sidewalk.

A little holiday cheer…

Wow! TWishing everyone Happy Holidayshe camera on the new iPad Air is awesome… See the proof.

Dr Who’s Stats


Dr Who's Stats

Jenny Got Married.

Jenny and ClayWow. I am really happy for her and her husband Eric. (I didnt get a photo of them together yet – they were too busy dancing and shaking hands) – the funny thing is that i have known her for 15 years – since about 1998 – and this is the very first time that i have ever seen her in a dress! Never before! Lovely isn’t she?